Podcast: Eddie Murphy’s DELIRIOUS is a shocking reminder of how socially screwed up we were in 1983.

Riley Roberts Delirious

Eddie Murphy’s wildly popular HBO comedy special was one of the most influential pieces of entertainment in the early ’80s. Young Gen X’rs could quote every line, start to finish, and as they repeated Murphy’s anti-gay rants or joked about Asian racism…it’s easy to see how these attitudes were perpetuated. In recent years, Murphy has acknowledged that the special is painfully insensitive. Tara McNamara, Gen X, and Riley Roberts, Gen Y, look at Delirious through the modern lens as well as with historical perspective (also available on iTunes and Stitcher).

Additionally, Murphy’s famous “Ice Cream!” segment inspired the family to bring a little happiness to kids stuck at home during the Stay At Home orders. As the comedian makes clear, there’s nothing that brings a child more joy than a visit from the ice cream man, so they created their own truck – no need to run for a mile and no need to get money from mom. “I got some ice cream! I got some ice cream!”

Doing this podcast episode on Delirious inspired Quarantine Ice Cream!