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Kandice Stroh Dierdre Foxes 1980

FOR THE RECORD: FOXES’ Kandice Stroh on why Dierdre is so misunderstood and the deleted scenes that explain everything.

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the Jodie Foster cult classic Foxes, about the wild lives of four teen girls growing up in LA's San Fernando Valley in 1979. ...
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Lucy Hale Fantasy Island Riley Roberts

Lucy Hale takes us back to the ’80s on FANTASY ISLAND

Fantasy Island is a zombie property, the edgy yet broadly appealing TV series that ran from 1977-84 has been brought back to life and is now in theaters. The film's ...
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Daniel Waters Riley Roberts Tara McNamara 80s Movies interview

Cherry Slushies with HEATHERS writer Daniel Waters: how he hoped his 1989 classic would put an end to teen suicide, but is still waiting for his “school shooting residuals.”

What's the perfect film to take a closer look at between Oscars & Valentine's Day? Heathers! Tara McNamara and Riley Roberts interview the hilariously acerbic Daniel Waters, screenwriter of the ...
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new york vs california pizza marriage story

Gastronomic Glam: Oscar Party Menu Ideas That’ll Amuse Your Guests

This year, don't make watching the Academy Awards about what you're wearing but what you're eating. There's a few ways to go: fancy food that's on par with Wolfgang Puck, ...
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THE COLOR PURPLE Back in Theaters for Black History Month

To recognize the 35th Anniversary of Steven Spielberg's cultural touchstone The Color Purple, Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies are putting it back in theaters for one day, Feb. 23. ...
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Riley Roberts Toga Animal House

Podcast: ANIMAL HOUSE Was So Good, It Ruined a Generation

National Lampoon's Animal House is hilarious - it's not even an opinion, it's a fact. Following a house full of screw-ups, we see Otter, Boon, Bluto and Hoover guiding their ...
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Terminator Riley Roberts Linda Hamilton

Podcast: THE TERMINATOR teaches that Masculinity is Guns and Muscles

The Terminator reinvigorated the action genre and gave audiences a fresh story that addressed (and destroyed) the worries of the day. However, the T-800 truly did deliver a message from ...
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THE LOST BOYS Riley Roberts

Podcast: THE LOST BOYS – So Much Subtext in the Shadows

When Joel Schumacher took over The Lost Boys (1987) from Richard Donner, he changed nearly everything in the script, creating a metaphorical fairy tale encapsulating several issues facing teens and families ...
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Riley Roberts ghostbusters podcast

Podcast: GHOSTBUSTERS – Con Your Way to Success!

Ghostbusters is one of the most beloved films of the '80s. It's a horror-comedy classic that had all audiences running to see it in theaters -- especially kids. In fact, ...
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podcast abuse the shining

THE SHINING Shined a Light on the Horrors of Domestic Abuse; Here’s How Life for Teens is More Chilling Today

What is The Shining about? Is it about a clairvoyant child? A haunted hotel? Cabin Fever? Reincarnation? Mental illness? Or, the evil that lies within us, that can be coaxed ...
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Freddy Krueger Riley Roberts Nightmare on Elm Street

Podcast: A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Innovated Horror, But Sluts Still Get Cuts

'80s Movies: A Guide to What's Wrong with Your Parents podcast looks how '80s films affected a generation. It's the 35th Anniversary of A Nightmare Before Elm Street, a movie ...
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ghostbusters cast 1984

35 Years Later, Get Slimed Again: GHOSTBUSTERS returns to theaters & we’re hosting a massive ticket giveaway!

Something strange is returning to your neighborhood, something weird and it does look good! The 1984 horror comedy classic Ghostbusters returns to theaters Sun., Oct. 6, and Thurs., Oct. 10 ...
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