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Flashdance Riley Roberts

Podcast: How FLASHDANCE Told Women to “Take Your Passion & Make It Happen”… by Sleeping with the Boss

"What a Feeling" audiences had watching Flashdance (1983), the love story of 18-year-old welder Alex and her boss Nick, who was at least twice her age. Beautifully shot, the doe-eyed ...
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Vacation Car Karaoke

Our Spotify Game Will Make Your Summer Road Trip Less Boring

OUR SPOTIFY ROADTRIP GAME: https://spoti.fi/3jciCut With airplanes seemingly like a Coranavirus Petri dish, many Americans are taking the long road trip this summer. But, with many tourist attractions closed, how ...
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Blue Lagoon Riley Roberts Brooke Shields

Podcast: 40 years later, THE BLUE LAGOON is even more unsettling.

The summer of 1980, movie critics and audiences were aghast that teen icon Brooke Shields was once again being depicted as the ultimate object of sexual desire in The Blue ...
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Podcast: BACK TO THE FUTURE is everyone’s favorite ’80s movie – except for the part where Lorraine is sexually victimized by her future husband, her bully, and her son.

Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future (1985) is perhaps the ultimate '80s movie: it's so '80s yet so timeless -- and its so disturbing, in retrospect. In the "'80s Movies: ...
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Lethal Weapon 1987

Podcast: Wanna know why there are so many police shootings? LETHAL WEAPON.

The '70s and early '80s saw a decrease in police-involved deaths, but starting in 1988, use of lethal force was on the rise. What happened? Lethal Weapon. On this episode of "'80s Movies: A ...
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Riley Roberts Urban Cowboy

Podcast: URBAN COWBOY Encouraged Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.

Saturday marks the 40th Anniversary of Urban Cowboy. As Barbara Mandrell would point out, it's the moment when country became cool. With John Travolta creating another dance movie sensation, the ...
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Riley Roberts Caddyshack

Podcast: Under-All the golfer and gopher jokes, CADDYSHACK says sexy means slutty.

Caddyshack is a film for guys with humor about golf, farts, and one-upping snobby judges. Teen and tween boys of the '80s boys grew up watching and quoting this comedy ...
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Riley Roberts FAME

Podcast: How FAME inspired GenX to follow their dreams…with mixed results

Fame (1980) celebrates its 40th Anniversary on Sat., May 16. Ironically, the film wasn't about pursuing fame, it was about the hard work, commitment, and sweat that goes into pursuing ...
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Riley Roberts porky's

Podcast: The misogynistic influence of PORKY’S goes all the way to the Supreme Court.

Porky's was a fat hit, holding at No. 1 7 weeks, which was all of Spring 1982. The teenage hijinks of Fort Lauderdale teens in the '50s was so raunchy ...
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Valley Girl cast

VALLEY GIRL Remake Review: While It’s a Miss and a Mess, it’s Still an Ideal 2020 Mother’s Day Movie

The VALLEY GIRL musical remake – or is it a sequel? – is now on digital! We were invited to see it ahead of time: so, what’s to know?  https://youtu.be/pLhYFWwACo4 ...
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Riley Roberts Delirious

Podcast: Eddie Murphy’s DELIRIOUS is a shocking reminder of how socially screwed up we were in 1983.

Eddie Murphy's wildly popular HBO comedy special was one of the most influential pieces of entertainment in the early '80s. Young Gen X'rs could quote every line, start to finish, ...
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ferris bueller's day off podcast tara rile

Podcast: FERRIS BUELLER Inspired Teens to Also Take a DAY OFF

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) is not just John Hughes' best movie, but I'd be willing to say one of the most enjoyable movies of all time. For teens, it ...
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