When we think of films from the 1930s and ‘40s, we think of classic cinema, Hollywood glamour and luminous movie stars. When we think of films from the ‘50s, we think of Technicolor musicals. When we think of films from the '70s, we think gritty realism and the rise of the celebrity director. And, when we think of movies from the ‘80s, we think of the teen sex comedy.

Movies from the 1980s may be the films closest to our heart, but as a genre, they were all kinds of face palm-ridiculous. We ‘80s teens are now parents and when we watch our favorite films that shaped our youth with our kids, well, we realize how screwed up they were…and for those who are truly reflective, how they may have influenced us.

So, here we go…take a look at this guide to ‘80s films. We lovingly explore what makes them iconic, relatable, memorable, absurd and so very ‘80s.

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#FilmTwitter: writing up MODERN PROBLEMS (1981) and Nell Carter's awesome performance in a problematic role. She was a Tony winner. Am I wrong that opps for black comedic actresses in studio movies were near zilch? Legacy of "Dorita?"

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