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Freddy Krueger Riley Roberts Nightmare on Elm Street

Podcast: A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Innovated Horror, But Sluts Still Get Cuts

By Tara McNamara / September 24, 2019 /

’80s Movies: A Guide to What’s Wrong with Your Parents podcast takes a Gen X and Gen Z look at Wes Craven’s A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (1984).

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ghostbusters cast 1984

35 Years Later, Get Slimed Again: GHOSTBUSTERS returns to theaters & we’re hosting a massive ticket giveaway!

By Tara McNamara / September 18, 2019 /

GHOSTBUSTERS return to theaters for its 35th Anniversary just in time for Halloween.

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Heathers 1989 Riley Roberts

Podcast: Did HEATHERS Lead to a Darker High School Experience Today?

By Tara McNamara / August 16, 2019 /

Riley Roberts gives the Gen Z take on HEATHERS (Paramount, 1989) on her podcast ’80s Movies: A Guide to What’s Wrong with Your Parents.

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Riley Roberts Say Anything boombox

Podcast: What SAY ANYTHING says about ’80s teens

By Tara McNamara / August 8, 2019 /

Podcaster Riley Roberts gives the Gen Z take on SAY ANYTHING (1989).

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Riley Roberts Tara McNamara Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure

PODCAST: How Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure was Most Triumphant (and One Heinous Inclusion)

By Tara McNamara / August 2, 2019 /

We share a mission with Ted Logan and Bill Preston, Esq. Cinema’s favorite air-guitaring airheads know that to move forward most righteously, you’ve got to travel back in time to understand history. And, that’s exactly what we do in the ’80s Movies: A Guide to What’s Wrong with Our Parents podcast. In this episode, we…

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Lea Thompson Tara McNamara Iconic 80s week HDNET Movies

We co-host ICONIC ’80s Week with Lea Thompson on HDNET Movies!

By Tara McNamara / July 7, 2019 /

The founder of ’80s Movie Guide, Tara McNamara, will interview actress-director Lea Thompson for “Iconic ’80s,” a week-long special airing July 22-27 exploring the ’80s through its movies on HDNET Movies. The duo provide insightful discussion on each film in the lineup, which includes St. Elmo’s Fire, Stripes, Short Circuit, Christine, and more. It’s also…

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Dwier Brown Kevin Costner Phil Alden Robinson FIeld of Dreams

Kevin Costner and Dwier Brown tried to change FIELD OF DREAMS’ most memorable line: 17 Crazy, Magical Facts About the Baseball Classic

By Tara McNamara / June 12, 2019 /

Thirty years ago, Dwier Brown had a small but significant role in Field of Dreams, playing the late, estranged father of Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner). The movie is a fantasy for sons and baseball fans, a special piece of cinema that transcends the screen, and contains one of filmdom’s most touching, rewarding scenes. On June…

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Phil Alden Robinson Kevin Costner Amy Madigan

On Field of Dreams 30th Anniversary, Director Phil Alden Robinson Reveals How a 1960s Attitude Tweak Created a Magical Film

By Tara McNamara / June 10, 2019 /

This weekend, Field of Dreams celebrates its 30th Anniversary by returning to theaters for a special Father’s Day screening June 16 and 18 as part of the TCM Big Screen Classic with Fathom Events. Truly, it’s hard to name a movie that’s more appropriate for that holiday – in fact, it’s a movie that will…

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Field of Dreams ticket giveaway

Father’s Day Giveaway: See FIELD OF DREAMS on the Big Screen with FREE Tickets!

By Tara McNamara / June 4, 2019 /

FIELD OF DREAMS is back in theaters on Father’s Day for its 30th Anniversary and we’re giving away free tickets.

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Join Us (& Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan, Jeff Goldblum) at the 10th Annual TCM Film Festival!

By Tara McNamara / April 5, 2019 /

The Turner Classic Film Festival is what we call “our favorite time of the year.” It’s got a flavor more special than any other film festival: every movie is a winner. This year, I’m proud to announce I’ll be back at the festival as a special guest and I hope you’ll join me! I’m introducing…

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