CONFESS, FLETCH’s Annie Mumolo Spills Secrets from the Set

A woman in red shirt standing next to a kitchen.

In Confess, Fletch, Annie Mumolo elevates a character trope into a character for the ages. One-upping the Gladys Kravitz and Stanley Roper nosy neighbors of yore, Mumolo’s “Eve” is the busybody next-door neighbor, hyper observant about the lives of others while oblivious to her own. The actress, best known for co-writing Bridesmaids, keeps ’80s Movie…

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Why You Need to See CONFESS, FLETCH ….Twice

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If you’re a Fletch fan (and who isn’t?), the release of Confess, Fletch, the third film in the Fletch series, is both exciting and vexing. Fans want a new movie, but at the same time, worry it won’t measure up. (When it comes to ’80s reboots, Top Gun: Maverick and Cobra Kai are anomalies). Jon…

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